Indo-French agreement for cooperation on cold-chain development

Stéphane LE FOLL and Guillaume GAROT hail the signing of an Indo-French agreement for cooperation on cold-chain development in the agricultural sector

An Indo-French agreement with the objective of strengthening cooperation in the field of cold-chain expertise in the agricultural and food processing sector has been signed between CEMAFROID (Centre of expertise on Cold-chain) in France and NCCD (National Centre for Cold-chain Development) in India.

This agreement, penned on the fringe of the International Conference on Cold-chain which was held in Paris on the 3rd and 4th of April, is a remarkable milestone which is expected to lead to more active interaction between India and France in this field, through knowledge sharing, technology development, training and capacity building, particularly in terms of technical norms.

It is also expected that such close collaboration will lead to greater business interaction and mutual investments between the two countries and to the development of exemplary professional services in the cold chain industry.

Cold-chain development has special significance for India in achieving its agricultural potential, fulfilling its increasing consumer demand and restricting its greenhouse gas emissions. India is indeed one of the largest food producing countries.

The ministers have welcomed this ‘agreement focusing on one of the major themes of Indo-French cooperation in the agricultural sector’. It marks the beginning of a long term association between the two organizations and a further step in the implementation of the Indo-French Joint Agricultural Working Group.

Dernière modification le 10/05/2013

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