Inauguration of the Peugeot Hosur plant

Carlos Tavares, President of Peugeot SA was present at Hosur to inaugurate the new gearbox factory built in partnership with AV Tec. The Consuls General, Catherine Suard and François Gautier attended this inauguration

The French company PSA and the Indian company Avtec (CK Birla group) inaugurated their new factory in Hosur, Tamil Nadu State. This event marks the official start of industrial operations on this site, which will produce and supply powertrains. The initial production capacity of this plant will be approximately 300,000 transmissions and 200,000 engines compliant with the Indian BS-VI standard.

The plant will produce phase 1 gearboxes for the Indian project as well as for other PSA needs. The maximum investment in this project will be around 73 million euros and will create nearly 800 direct jobs.

The Hosur plant is owned by PSA Avtec Powertrain Pvt., A 50/50 joint venture formed in 2017 by the PSA Group and Avtec.

Last modified on 19/03/2020

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