Inauguration of Bonjour India with Urban Ballet

Compagnie Rêvolution : « Beyond classical dance and hip hop, a hybrid style that transcends all genres »


Urban Ballet produces a skillful melange between classical music and hip hop inspired movements. The result is unique work of art, tinged with the myriad influences of its choreographer - Anthony Egea.

Inspired by classical ballet, Urban Ballet, is composed of four acts that show four incarnations of the body. Each of the ten dancers tries to express artistic singularity through a gesture that slowly frees itself from the usual hip hop “delivery” and evolves in a universe, borne by the standards of classical music repertoire.

Today, success and fame have not curbed the imagination of Anthony Egea, who still has every intention of continuing to “Rêvolutionise” hip hop.

Bengaluru : 27 January, 2013

Venue : Chowdiah Memorial

Dernière modification le 28/01/2013

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