Inauguration du séminaire sur les écosystèmes et le développement durable

Le séminaire sur les écosystèmes et le développement durable organisé par l’IFP et le CIFEODD a été inauguré par le Ministre en chef de Pondichéry, V. Narayanasamy et Catherine Suard le 23 octobre.

Une foule nombreuse était présente dans l’auditorium de l’Alliance française de Pondichéry pour l’inauguration de ce séminaire. Des scientifiques de premier plan originaires, entres autres d’Inde, France, du Maroc, de Madagascar, du Canada vont du 23 au 25 octobre échanger et travailler sur le développement durable et la préservation des écosystèmes. Conférences, ateliers, projections ainsi que des visites de la ville de Pondichéry sont au programme des conférenciers.

Discours de la Consule générale de France à Pondichéry

Honorable Chief Minister, Dear M. V. NARAYANASAMI,
Distinguished guests,
Chers invités et participants
Since this international conference is organized under the auspices of the Francophonie, and evolve the French Institute of Pondichery and the CIFEODD (French-speaking international organization of High Education and Research Institutes working on Sustainable Development), I take the liberty to say those few words mainly in French (knowing that the English version is available for Indian Authorities, press and partners).
I am particularly happy and honored to participate in this opening ceremony. And I congratulate IFP and CIFEODD. As well as warmly thanking the Alliance Française de Pondicherry, and its President, Dr. Satish Nallam, for hosting this inauguration.
Indeed, what better place for this meeting than Pondicherry ? with its French heritage, its French test, which it cultivates to make it a future asset, especially through the Smart City Program, which is based precisely on a holistic approach to sustainable development.
It is also this inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach that combines economics, education, governance, and a variety of scientific disciplines that is unique and relevant to your conference program. And today we know how complex issues of sustainable development are. Therefore, only the intersection of approaches, and the exchange of analyzes can provide the elements of response that can base political decisions at the local level, as well as at the global level.
And that is why I am delighted that these reflections are shared in the circle of the Francophonie, thus demonstrating that this space is not only a language community, but a space of common visions and values, of solidarity.
And I note with pleasure the participation of representatives of Canada, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Slovenia, Vietnam, and Metropolitan France as well as French Districts and Territories Overseas such as Mayotte, New Caledonia and Reunion.
I have no doubt that this conference paves the way for new collaborations, especially in the Indian Ocean, and of course with our Indian partners.
In that respect, , and then I will turn back to English, the themes that will be discussed during these three days, and in particular education for sustainable development, are at the heart of the current actions of the French Embassy through our cooperation wing, the French institute in India.
That is why, alongside this conference, the French Embassy in India / French Institute in India is delighted to launch its first ‘sustainability competition’ titled ‘La vie en Green. Tech your future’.
This competition is targeted at high school students (10th and 11th standards) from France and India with the objective of increasing interest in and creates awareness about sustainable development, as well as invite university students to guide the projects which they will undertake under the framework of this program. The competition will last approximately 4 months with a closing ceremony planned to be organized in Delhi during “La semaine de la francophonie”.
Generating awareness about sustainability issues among the youth will help in creating a global community which will be able to interact, understand each other’s issues and maybe one day, find cooperative solutions to these issues.
This conference is the ideal setting to reflect on the precise modalities of this competition :
You as experts and researchers from different fields and different countries could work together, benefit from each other’s expertise and open the competition’s educational aspects to youth from your countries.
The conference aims to create a platform for interaction between Africa, India and France, 3 geographical areas which are at the forefront of sustainable development.
I would like to invite all the interested participants to contribute towards this collaborative effort at the meeting which will be organized at the conclusion of the conference on 25th October at 4:30 pm.
Meanwhile, I wish you fruitful working sessions.

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