Indiamore- Concert of Christophe Chassol

Pianist, composer, arranger and musical director, Christophe Chassol discovered music at the age of four. Impressed by the soundtrack of the film La Tour Infernale sixteen years of studies at the conservatory, his ambition from the very start was to compose for films, unite sounds and images to produce music of great elegance, in the tradition of Jerry Goldsmith Michel, Magne and Quincy Jones.

In the mid 90s, he began composing for the big screen, television and advertising. From 1994 to 2002, he became a conductor and then discovered the world of pop music by accompanying artists such as Phoenix and Sébastien Tellier. Chassol is the author of an unclassifiable oeuvre.

His compositions bring together voice, music, sounds and images in a very innovative way, the ‘harmonization of the real’ remaining central to his practice. As part of Bonjour India, Chassol presents his new show : INDIAMORE. Shot in Kolkata and Varanasi in July 2012, with this film, Chassol honors India. The film crosses the lives of musicians, singers, dancers, but also taxi drivers, fishermen and children : unforeseen musical encounters will be accompanied by Sébastien Lété on the drums. They perform live to the film.

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