IFCCI’s second Managing Directors Committee in Mumbai about risk management [fr]

15th January 2013: IFCCI organized its second Managing Directors Committee meeting in Mumbai in IFCCI’s boardroom. We were pleased to welcome Mr. Gaurav Taneja, Director, Crisis & Security Consulting, India & South Asia at Control Risks. He presented on ’Managing Risks - Contingency Planning’.

The meeting was held in IFCCI’s boardroom in Mumbai and was conducted by Mr. Gaurav Taneja, Director, Crisis & Security Consulting ‐ India & South Asia at Control Risks. Mr. Taneja is responsible for management of crisis and security consulting projects in India. He holds a Masters Degree in strategic studies and is a graduate of the National Defense Academy of India. He is also a certified fraud examiner.

Laura Prasad, secretary general of IFCCI, opened the session by an introduction of Mr. Taneja who then took over to explain the key risks to be taken into account in India when strategizing: terrorism (a latent risk), socioeconomic unrest (likely to grow), corruption (endemic and pervasive) and IP theft (an emerging risk). According to Mr. Taneja, the first step to follow in managing risk is to assess the threat and risk. He proposed solutions to tackle risks.

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