Human Rights Prize of the French Republic [fr]

The French Republic’s 2013 “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Human Rights Prize is now open for applications.

The French Republic’s 2013 “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Human Rights Prize, presented by the Prime Minister of the French Government, is now open for applications.
This prize, created in 1988, is awarded for individual or collective action on the ground, irrespective of nationality or borders, undertaken in France or abroad, with respect to one of two themes.

1 - Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), regardless of nationality and borders, should present en effort made in the field or an implemented project, in France or abroad, on one of the two themes for 2013:

Theme 1: Assisting and handling of internally displaced persons (IDPs)

Theme 2: Protection of human rights in places of detention

2 - Five laureates will share the overall prize of €70,000 allotted by the Prime Minister. A “special mention” will be conferred on the five runners-up. Applications must comply with the Prize regulations.
The prize regulations are available upon request, and can also be found on-line at

3 - The application must be written in French and include:

a) a letter of application presented and signed by the president or legal manager of the NGO concerned;

b) a dossier presenting the goal and description of the operation or project submitted, in detail. It must include a precise budget (with an equivalent sum shown preferably in euros);

c) a presentation of the NGO concerned (statutes, operations, etc.);

d) the postal address and bank details of the NGO.

Candidates must send their complete application without fail, before the final date of submission on 9 September 2013,
to the Secretariat-General de la Commission
(35, rue Saint-Dominique - 75007 Paris - France) or by email to: AND

4 - Following the announcement of the results by the jury, the 2013 Prize will be solemnly awarded in Paris by the Prime Minister, around 10 December 2013.

- Call for applications

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