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India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives & Bangladesh come under the jurisdiction of the Homeland Security Service of the Embassy of France in India.

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1. The International Security Cooperation Department (DCIS)

Organisation and missions

The International Security Cooperation Department is a joint central department, placed under the joint authority of the directors general of the National Police and the National Gendarmerie. It contributes to drawing up and implementing France’s foreign policy as defined by the European and International Affairs Directorate.

The DCIS organises and coordinates technical, institutional, and operational cooperation of the police and the national Gendarmerie, except in matters that are exclusively within the remit of the intelligence services.

It is also in charge of implementing the technical cooperation of the Ministry of the Interior, particularly for the benefit of the General Secretariat, Directorate-General for Civil Protection, the Directorate-General for Foreign Nationals in France, the Directorate-General for Local and Regional Authorities as well as the Road Traffic and Safety Delegation.

To carry out all these tasks, it runs the network of homeland security attachés (HSA) posted at embassies, and conducts the governance of the Ministry of the Interior abroad.

Executing technical cooperation in terms of capacity building, trainings and exchanges of best practices in accordance with the priorities set by the Interior Ministry, the DCIS draws up its annual programme, executes it and follows up on the cooperation actions in liaison with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, various operators and donors of French or international funds contributing to financing these actions.

With regard to the legal and operational field, without prejudice to the competences devolved to the other directorates of the Ministry of the Interior, it supports and facilitates the operational cooperation of the French investigative services, collects and analyses information relevant to the return of internal security and ensures its transmission to the competent directorates and services of the national police and gendarmerie.

Lastly, the DCIS contributes to the promotion of French companies and technologies in the field of security and crisis prevention, and identifies foreign best practices in all areas relevant to homeland security.

An international response to the multiple challenges in an evolving world

Cooperation between countries is essential to fight against various threats that are born beyond our borders. Countering terrorism, organized transnational crime, arms or drugs trafficking, irregular migration, cybercrime are the priority areas of actions of the DCIS police and gendarmerie personnel. To successfully carry out both bilateral and multilateral cooperation, France relies on its network of homeland security services deployed in 74 embassies. This network, composed of 300 police personnel and gendarmes, covers 158 countries. It is made up of the homeland security attaché (HSA), their deputies, liaison officers, assistants, civil volunteers or international technical experts.

2. The Homeland Security Services (HSS) in New Delhi

The Homeland Security Services is established at the Embassy of France in New Delhi. Besides India, its jurisdiction includes Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The department comprises a Homeland Security Attaché who is a police commissioner, a Deputy Homeland Security Attaché who is a senior officer of the gendarmerie, and a secretary.

Homeland Security Attachés (HSA)

The HAS has a twofold administrative authority: he is placed under the aegis of the Ambassador of France in his capacity as the head of the diplomatic mission and under the functional authority of the Director of International Security Cooperation, who exercises hierarchical authority over him as head of the network of 74 HSAs.

The HSA’s range of competences covers operational, technical, institutional, multilateral and partnership cooperation actions for homeland security, civil protection, road safety, good governance and foreigners in France.

3. Contact details

Homeland Security Services
Embassy of France in India
2/50-E Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021

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