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Fifteen years after the launch of the Indo-French strategic partnership in 1998, the bilateral relationship has been steadily strengthening, widening in scope, and has reached exemplary levels. As global strategic partners, India and France consult each other on all international matters in a spirit of mutual understanding, respect, trust, and support, taking into account their respective security interests. President Hollande declared: “France supports India’s candidacy to become a full-fledged permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. It will also end the injustice of India not being able to join the Council in 1945.” France also backs India’s candidacy to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), Australia Group, and Wassenaar Arrangement.

Joint statement:

4. As global partners, India and France reiterated the need for urgent reform of the United Nations, including its Security Council, through an expansion in both categories of membership, to make it more representative of the contemporary world. Both sides underscored the imperative of delivering concrete outcomes on this important subject by the upcoming 70th Anniversary Summit of the United Nations. France reaffirms its support for India’s candidature for a permanent membership of the UN Security Council without further delay.

5. France and India share common concerns and objectives in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In a further effort to strengthen global non-proliferation and export control regimes, France and India committed to continuing to work jointly towards India’s accession to the multilateral export control regimes, namely, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the Australia Group, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. France especially reaffirmed its strong and active support to building consensus among regimes’ members on this issue.

Last modified on 17/04/2015

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