The Consulate General of France at Pondicherry is certainly one of the most environment friendly diplomatic missions in India, despite the fact that the building is nearly three centuries old. As per an Energy Audit carried out in 2015, this consulate building fulfils the criteria for a five star rating, the highest level of certification of energy efficiency given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

However, inspired by the United Nations Conference on Climate Change held in Paris during December 2015 (known as COP 21), the Embassy of France in India decided to implement several projects to make the Pondicherry Consulate General building even more environment friendly during year 2016. This was done in addition to the several energy conservation initiatives already implemented over the past few years.

During the year 2016, the consulate has put up a roof top on-grid solar system of 45.36 kW producing on an average 5700 Units per month. Since mid-July, the solar plant has produced more than 33,000 units of power thus saving more than 2,30,000 rupees.

In the area of energy conservation too the year 2016 has been a special year during which this consulate has replaced 49 old Air-Conditioners by new ones using inverter technology and this would substantially lower the power consumption. The renovation of the central hall wherein all the halogen lamps have been replaced by LED lamps and the increase of natural light will further enhance the energy savings.

The continuous technical improvements and change in user habits over more than a decade are bearing fruits for making this consulate a very environment friendly building. While this building consumed 53358 units of power in July 2002, the bill for July 2016 shows 16889 units, a reduction of more than 68%, an indicator of all the efforts undertaken both in the domains of conservation and sustainable production.
A formal inauguration of the hall by the hon’ble Chief Minister of Puducherry Mr V Narayanasamy is scheduled to be held at 3 p.m tomorrow 20th of January 2017.

Last modified on 25/01/2019

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