Funkametric Jazz by Ozma

Alliance Française de Delhi presents Jazz by Ozma, April 12, 2009

Alliance Française de Delhi and Sewara Hospitality and Development present Funkametric Jazz by French band Ozma, April 12, 2009

Venue: Lodi - The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road

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Ozma is a four members group with Adrien Dennefeld on guitar, Edouard Séro-Guillaume on bass, David Florsch on saxophone, Matthias Mahler on trombone and Stéphane Scharlé on percussion. Named after a character from the Wizard of Oz as well as the “extra galactic life research” program of the NASA, Ozma was formed seven years ago. In the span of five years (2006), Ozma was able to bag the award for the best French group at the National Jazz Competition.

Famous for the flights of imagination in their music, which they say is a fine balance between good homework and instant improvisation mixed with a generous account of humor, fans of the band often refer to their music as ‘ozmic’ which rhymes with cosmic. The band believes that the wonderful relationship between the members, which helps in instrumental synthesis of their idea is their strongest point. Their compatibility on a human level is reflected in their music as ideas come naturally and is very original mainly because of their spontaneity.

Ozma gives and captivates with fervidness, dynamism, generosity and childlike mindset. Ozma is before everything energy, passion, four friends who like playing together, a real fusion of talent, which nobody can be indifferent to. Ozma finds inspiration in some bands like Aka Moon, the Dave Holland Quintet, the Julien Lourau Groove Gang…from the first note, the spectators are plunged into a groove’s road-movie. Colorful, explosive, exciting and generous, Ozma is full of positive vibes.

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