French Minister of National Education speaks to students from CMQ3E currently in Bangalore

Following his recent visit to Fecamp in order to present the new reform on vocational training, the French Minister of National Education, Mr. Jean-Michel Blanquer, went to see the educational institution Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Energies et Efficacité Energetique (CMQ3E) where he learnt about this association’s network in France but also its partenerships across the world, namely with the New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE) in Bangalore.

He spoke over skype with three teachers and three students from CMQ3E currently in Bangalore under the student mobility program.

The French Ministry of National Education brings its academic expertise in professional training in order to modernise vocational training programs in India, especially in the fields of electricity and energy efficiency, with the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation.

Les étudiants CMQ3 avec leurs enseignants et équipe NHCE et le Consul général - JPEG

Last modified on 04/01/2019

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