French Language Section

French Language Section – Secteur langue française

French Language Section

Its objectives are:
- Development of French
- Educational cooperation
- Promotion of French higher education in India

The acronym LFR stands for Secteur langue française (French Language Section). This department of the French Embassy pursues 3 main objectives as defined, in collaboration with the French Ministry of External and European Affairs for the learning and teaching of the French language:

1. Development of French
The French Language Section (LFR) seeks to cooperate with all bodies engaged in the promotion of the French language in India. Its principal partners are:
-  Schools, educational institutions and universities throughout India working within the framework of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development
-  Associations of teachers of French
-  Network of the Alliance Française in India
The LFR provides technical and pedagogical expertise along with logistic and financial support to projects which contribute to the development of French.

2. Educational cooperation
The LFR explores possible areas of cooperation between the systems of education in India and in France.

3. Promotion of French higher education in India
The LFR organises promotional events on French higher education and helps, in collaboration with the Service de coopération universitaire et scientifique (University and scientific cooperation section), in setting up joint institutional projects for exchange and cooperation in the field of higher education. In order to give a greater visibility to French higher education, it works in tandem with CampusFrance and its help and information desks, spread all over India. 


- Head office
French Language Section (LFR), French Embassy, New Delhi 

- Branch offices
Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata

- Addresses and contact numbers

Secteur langue française – French Language Section
2, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Road
New Delhi - 110 011
Tel: (91-11) 3041 00 00
Fax: (91-11) 23 01 64 41

Secteur langue française – French Language Section
C/o Consulat général de France à Mumbai
Wockhardt Towers, East Wing, 5th Floor,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E),
Mumbai - 400 051.

Secteur langue française – French Language Section
C /o Université de Pune
Department of Foreign Languages
Deccan Gymkhana
Pune 411 004 

Secteur langue française – French Language Section
C/o Consulat Général de France
21C Raja Santosh Road, Alipore
Kolkata - 700027


Attaché for Cooperation in Education

Attachés for Cooperation in French language
Ms Maryline LAIDIN, LFR New Delhi
Mr Philippe GUILLIEN, LFR Bombay
Mr Eric PERROTEL, LFR Chennai
Ms Solveig OBERSEITHER, LFR Kolkata

Deputy Head of Section
Mr Jatinder SINGH, LFR New Delhi

DELF & DALF certifications coordinator LFR
Ms Kripalinee SEEPARSAD, LFR, New Delhi

Coordinator - academic & linguistic cooperation
Ms Smriti PAHWA, LFR, New Delhi

Aims and objectives of the LFR

- Collaboration with the French Teachers Associations in India
- Franco-Indian school exchange and partnership
- In service training for teachers of French in India
- Teaching and learning materials for teachers and students of French
- International certifications of proficiency in French (DELF, DALF, DELF Junior, DELF Pro, TCF and TEF)
- Financial and administrative support for research in francophone studies in India
- Long term study programmes for young French and Indian scholars
- Programmes for the promotion of French
- Educational cooperation between France and India

Collaboration with the French Teachers Associations in India
The LFR has long been associated with the two French teachers associations in India, the Indian Association of Teachers of French (IATF) and the Association of Indian Teachers of French (AITF). They organise in-service training sessions and national and regional conferences and workshops, for French language teachers, and publish papers and teaching and learning materials for the classroom. The LFR contributes to their activities by providing financial support and through participation of scholars and experts. 

Franco-Indian school exchange and partnerships
The LFR actively supports the efforts and initiatives of schools trying to establish partnerships and create common projects of reciprocal visits, discovery trips, correspondence exchanges, cross cultural ventures, etc. Till present schools in Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata, Noida, Pune, Ajmer, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pondicherry have been able to develop and organise projects and exchange programmes with collèges and lycées in several cities in France. 

In service training for teachers of French in India
There are approximately 10,000 teachers teaching French in India. These include 8,000 in secondary schools, 1,100 in higher education (of which 400 in Catering Colleges) and 200 in Alliances Françaises. The LFR is available to act as a partner to plan, conceive, conduct or support in any required way sessions of in service training to help enhance teaching capacities in French. The main partners are:
-  the network of the Alliance Française in India, which conducts closed and open programmes, i.e. sessions open exclusively to intern staff or sessions open to all interested teachers in a particular region. 

Teachers’ training programmes
- Bachelor of Education, option French (IGNOU, Université Grenoble 3 and the Embassy of France)
- National Level Training Programme in the month of May: Annual meeting for the teachers of French in Indian secondary schools and the Alliances Françaises.
-  Scholarships SPCD: Every year teachers of the French language, teaching at the Alliances Françaises, in schools and in universities benefit from the scholarships offered by the Embassy of France to attend training sessions and workshops at the different university centres or language schools in France (CUEF de Grenoble, CLA of Besançon, BELC).

Teaching and learning materials for teachers and learners of French in India
The LFR helps all institutions offering French language courses in India to develop adequate tools for learners and teachers. It works for this in collaboration with French and Indian publishing houses specialised in the field, the French language television channel TV5, and regional Indian cable operators.
The first social network for the Indian teachers of French “La salle des Profs” has been developed by LFR
Learning manuals and books (French for professional purposes): Tech French, French for Tourism etc. 

International certifications of proficiency in French
Any student of French in India is eligible to sit for the international certifications recognised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Education. The LFR is responsible for making these certifications available to the public at large. The exams already available and offered in India (through the network of the Alliance Française in India) are as follows:
-  The certifications monitored by the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) on behalf of the French Ministry of Education: - Diplôme d’études en langue française, DELF - Diplôme approfondi de langue française, DALF - Diplôme d’études en langue française for school students, DELF JUNIOR - Diplôme d’études en langue française, option professionnelle, DELF PRO
-  The certifications monitored by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris : diplômes de français professionnel (DFP), Test d’Evaluation de français (TEF) and Test de Connaissance de français (TCF) 

Programmes for the promotion of French
The LFR continues organises events to make people aware of the importance of the French language and motivate them to learn it. The LFR works with numerous partners like the network of the Alliance Française in India, the Embassies of the various countries affiliated to the International Organisation of the Francophonie, the associations of French teachers in India, etc. The LFR actively participates and collaborates with the Alliance Françaises and other cultural bodies to celebrate the well-known cultural festivals and events of France like the Francophonie week (Semaine de la Francophonie) and the Music Festival (Fête de la musique), Programme “Allons en France” (An international level competition organised every year by the French Ministry of External and European Affairs under which a few
Francophone students, who emerge as winners in the competition, are sent on an all expenses paid trip to France). LFR has also started French Olympiad (French language, culture and civilisation) for school students all over India.

Educational cooperation between France and India
The LFR strives at getting professionals from the field of education both in India and in France to understand each other’s way of operating and define areas where cooperation is meaningful. In this context, it works with partners to make analysis and tools available for either sides and gets teams from similar kind of institutions to meet, discuss and work together.

1. French Language Tutor in India Programme
The French Language Tutor in India programme is one of the flagship programmes of the SLE and is one of its kind in the field of foreign language teaching. Every year, the French Embassy in India selects a certain number of young Frenchmen and women between the age of 23 and 33 to teach the French Language as “French Language Tutors” for a period of 9 months in the French departments of the various central and state level universities as well as other public and private educational institutions. The aforementioned “French Tutors are, in general, holders of a Master’s degree in the teaching of French as a foreign or second language or Master’s in French literature.

Since 1997, the LFR through the French Language Tutor Programme in India has provided Indian students learning the French language, the opportunity to learn, understand and improve their linguistic skills with a native speaker of the language while for the Tutors selected under the framework of the programme, it is an opportunity of a lifetime to see, live, understand and experience the rich culture, cuisine, music and so much more of the country that is India.

2. English Language Assistant in France Programme
Similar to French Language Tutor programme, the English Language Assistant in France Programme is the other principal programmes of the SLE. Every year, the SLE selects young Indian students of the French language throughout the Indian sub-continent to teach English in the French schools. The English language assistant in question is, generally, the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in French or the holder of the DELF B1 diploma along with an IELTS score of minimum 6.5. The English language assistants are meant to teach English or assist the English teacher during the English class according to their preference with respect to the classes to be taught i.e., Primary, Secondary or Senior Secondary for 7 months. The programme provides them the opportunity to improve their linguistic skills in the French language thus paving the way for them towards native-like fluency. For the French schools welcoming the Tutors, the Indian assistants, being nationals of an Anglophone country, it is an advantage like no other, of having a native English speaker among them to help them explore and comprehend the fine nuances of the English language thereby helping their students speak the English language with a greater degree of fluency and to discover the richness of the Indian culture.

3. School Exchanges
Apart from the promotion of the French language, one of the important goals of the French Language Section (LFR) is to provide the contact of French schools to the Indian schools. The LFR plays the role of advisor and facilitator for exchanges between schools of the two countries. These exchanges help the students from the invited country to discover and understand the culture of the host country. It is a real opportunity for young students to comprehend the cultural differences and similarities that exist in the world as well as appreciate the meaning of living together in a globalised world. The LFR is also helping agencies encouraging educational trips to France.

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