French Ambassador releases Bon Voyage

Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler releases Bon Voyage, a textbook for professional French in the tourism and hospitality industry.

New Delhi, 24 February 2017

The Embassy of France, in association with the Alliance française de Delhi, is pleased to announce the publication of Bon Voyage, a primer for professional French in the tourism and hospitality sector. Brought out by Goyal Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., this textbook has been conceived and co-authored by three senior faculty members of Alliance française, Vasanthi Gupta, Usha Ramachandran and Malini Gupta.

The Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler, released Bon Voyage in the presence of its authors and its publisher on Friday, 24th February 2017, at the Residence of France.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage: The tourism sector has developed vastly in a globalised world, which has seen a single currency system established in the European Union, more open borders, low-cost airlines and therefore increased travel. In tandem, digital technology has transformed the way one travels, with smartphones, dedicated apps, travel websites, and forums. This has ushered in a host of changes: when the travel experience is not the same anymore, the language cannot remain static either. It was to fill the need for a book encompassing all these changes reflecting contemporary times that the three authors came up with Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage has been tailor-made to the needs of students and professionals from the tourism and hospitality industry, while adhering to the teaching methodology of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This attractive, user-friendly textbook aims at giving learners proficiency in a specialized domain even at the beginner’s level, through communication skills required to deal with situations related to the scope of work in the industry: contacting clients; providing information, advice, explanation; managing situations involving conflict, etc.

About the authors

Vasanthi Gupta is the recipient of the prestigious honour, Officer of the “Ordre des palmes academiques”, awarded by the Government of France in 2009 for her distinguished contribution in the field of French language teaching and spread of French culture. She has been heading the Gurgaon branch of Alliance française de Delhi since 2010 and has also been serving as the Head of faculty training at Alliance française de Delhi since 1987, apart from having worked as its faculty since 1981.

Malini Gupta, senior faculty at Alliance française de Delhi since 1992, is also a guest lecturer for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation since 2011 at the Centre for French and Francophone Studies at the School of Languages in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Along with teaching, she has carved out a distinguished career as a French-English interpreter for high-level international conferences and delegations since 1998.

Usha Ramachandran is a senior faculty at the Alliance française de Delhi since 1992. Her longstanding expertise and dedication as a teacher of French as a foreign language have seen her appointed to the faculty training team of the Alliance française de Delhi.

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