Franco-Indian Education Trust Scholarship holders felicitated

H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India, hosted a special event to felicitate the first fellows in the presence of Trust Founder-Trustee, Mr Prshant K Lahoti, Trust donor and entrepreneur, Dr Gun Nidhi Dalmia, and representatives of the Legrand group on friday, 24th August 2018.

 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.
 Felicitation ceremony for the first batch of scholarship holders from the Franco-Indian Education Trust.

New Delhi, 24 August 2018

The Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler, held a felicitation ceremony for the first batch of students who were awarded scholarships by the Franco-Indian Education Trust. The awardees will shortly travel to France and join others who have already settled in Paris, Toulouse, Lille and other French higher education hubs.

Out of a total of sixteen fellows, four have received scholarships under the Amba Dalmia programme set up by the Trust and funded by a 25-lakh-rupee donation from Dr Gun Nidhi Dalmia, earmarked for Indian women desirous of pursuing their studies in music, theatre, sports, arts, cinema, ballet, opera, philosophy, gastronomy, design, painting or photography in France. These awardees will pursue programmes at various reputed French institutions such as Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq (acting), Institut Paul Bocuse (gastronomy), Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (design), etc.

The other twelve awardees have been granted scholarships under French major Legrand Group’s CSR initiative to promote higher education in France among Indian students, particularly in management and engineering. The students were selected on the basis of social and economic criteria in addition to academic excellence.

The fellowship from the Legrand Group, global specialist for electrical and digital infrastructure, is the first corporate contribution to the Franco-Indian Education Trust, while Dr Gun Nidhi Dalmia’s funding is the first individual donation to it.

Welcoming these contributions, Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler said, “During his India visit, President Emmanuel Macron had reiterated France’s aim of having at least 10,000 Indian students pursuing their higher education in France’s globally renowned institutions by 2020. The first batch of 16 awardees going to France thanks to Dr Dalmia’s donation and the Legrand Group’s funding shows that private and corporate entities are stepping forward to enhance mobility between France and India. I deeply appreciate these sponsorships, which will support the excellent academic trajectory these young people wish to chart, and hope this will inspire others to support the Trust.”

Commending the sponsorship, Founder-Trustee Mr Prshant Lahoti said, “I am delighted to see the Franco-Indian Education Trust really coming alive with this first batch of students. Thanks to the first contributions from Dr Dalmia and the Legrand Group, the destiny of these 16 students will be changed. Helping Indian students aspiring to study in France’s excellent institutions has long been close to my heart. Through student scholarships and support of exchange of professors and researchers, the Trust will create ambassadors who will strengthen ties between both countries.”

Address of H.E. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India

Mesdames, Messieurs,
Cher Gun Nidhi,
Chère Madame Abida Aneez,
Cher Monsieur Sameer Saxena
Cher Prshant,
Dear friends,
Dear students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all at the Residence of France to felicitate the first batch of scholarship awardees of the recently unveiled Franco-Indian Education Trust. These lucky students will be flying to France very soon to commence their studies in the new academic year starting in September.

The strong partnership between France and India is now decades old, no more in its teenage years; but it still needs to unfold to its full potential.

This partnership is of course based on hard economics and politics, but its future lies in what I like to call “the partnership of the hearts”. That is, people-to-people ties, specifically exchanges between the youth of India and France. Though the foundations of our relationship are strong, it is up to you, the future generation, to deepen it, build on it and add new layers.

The eight scholarship holders here this afternoon are the bearers of this hope. I would like to thank Gun Nidhi Dalmia, and the Legrand Group for having made this possible.

Mr Dalmia is our first individual contributor. He has made a generous donation towards the education of young women in the fields of Art, gastronomy and sport; domains which need full support and in which France and India have much in common.

Legrand is our first corporate sponsor. This major French company, one of the world leaders on electrical appliance and equipment, has entrusted us with this initiative, which speaks volume of their long term commitment to India.

I would also like to thank our Founder-Trustee, Prshant Lahoti, for having backed us on this project, for having put in so much effort and dedication into creating this tool, which will be instrumental to increase student mobility between our two countries.

To you who are going all over France (Rennes, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon…), take this time to study but also to learn French and explore the country. You will, surely – and that is my hope – come back here with new ideas and new projects of collaborations between our two countries which, in turn, will inspire the coming generations. Remember that you are the future ambassadors of France in India and will remain so when the rest of us are gone.

Before handing the microphone over to Mr Lahoti, I wish you all the best and bon voyage!

Merci à tous. Thank you

The Franco-Indian Education Trust

Established on 31st August 2017, this not-for-profit organization based in Hyderabad endeavours to increase student and expert exchanges between India and France. It is a joint initiative of the Embassy of France in India and Mr Prshant K Lahoti, Managing Trustee of Krishnakriti Foundation and co-founder of Kalakriti India. It was unveiled at the “Knowledge Summit” held in March 2018 during the State visit of President Emmanuel Macron to India.

Offering top quality education and scientific facilities at reasonable fees, France ranks third globally among countries welcoming the highest number of foreign students, yet has only 5,300 students from India. The French government currently invests 1 million euros (7 crores rupees) in over 500 scholarships per year in India. The Trust aims at doubling the number of scholarships that France gives every year to Indian students.

The Trust does not charge administrative costs to ensure that the full benefit of contributions go to the scholarship awardees, who are selected through calls for projects. The selection process is conducted by the Institut Français India (the French Embassy’s cultural and cooperation wing) based on academic excellence and social backgrounds as well as the coherence and quality of the projects. The final candidates are selected by the managing committee of the Trust. Candidates’ knowledge of French is an asset but is not mandatory.

The Franco-Indian Education Trust is offering different types of programmes apart from the Amba Dalmia scholarship and the Legrand fellowship: Masters; PhD; internship; and short-term programmes (2-3 weeks) for scientists and young professionals.

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