France donates COVID-19 medical equipment to India

France donates ventilators and test kits to India as Covid-19 assistance.
The French Air Force delivered the medical equipment on 28 July, 2020.

Paris-New Delhi, 27 July 2020

H.E. Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, recently announced the donation of medical equipment from France to India as well as provision of technical expertise.

As longstanding strategic partners, France and India are working together closely on the international response to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as providing reciprocal assistance according to the needs of the two countries.

In a letter dated 24 July, President Macron, thanking Prime Minister Modi for India’s support to France earlier this year, said: “When France was going through a critical phase of this public health crisis earlier this spring, India was by our side. It played a very important role with regard to medicines. I wish to thank you once again for having authorised the export of medicines essential for the treatment of critically ill patients. This gesture reflected the exceptional nature of the partnership between our two countries.

India, in turn, is going through a difficult phase of the crisis. In these painful times for your nation, I desired France to stand fully by your side. To this end, I directed that we be able to respond to the needs identified by your administration by extending aid that is exceptional in its scope and modalities. I believe that it is during tough times that historic ties are forged and strengthened between nations.”

As part of this medical assistance package (see details below), France donated to India 50 Osiris-3 ventilators and 70 Yuwell 830 ventilators with BiPAP mode.
Osiris ventilators are particularly useful for emergency transport, intra-hospital transfer and recovery; they have different ventilation modes, including non-invasive ventilation. The Yuwell 830 ventilators have bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) – a non-invasive technique to supply oxygen to the lungs without intubation. These high-quality ventilators meet the needs of Indian hospitals.

France also donated 50,000 high-quality serological IgG/IgM test kits and 50,000 nose and throat swabs and modes of medical transport.

An expert mission on inter-hospital transfers by military means was also dispatched. France acquired expertise in this matter during the crisis as it had to organize many transfers between hospitals.

The French Air Force delivered the equipment on 28 July. The equipment and the personnel were transported on a French Air Force A330 MRTT equipped with a “Morpheus” kit, which enables the transport of critically ill patients.

France had previously extended financial support of 200 million euros to India through the French Development Agency (AFD) to boost social welfare systems and protect vulnerable people in India. The credit financing agreement was signed on 22 June, with the programme designed by the World Bank already being rolled out.

French companies in India have also taken many steps to contribute to the Covid-19 crisis response. In total, French companies have contributed more than 48 crore rupees (6 million euros) to national relief funds, including the PM CARES Fund. Companies have contributed directly or have matched their employees’ contributions. Several companies have taken initiatives to produce or to supply essential medical equipment, such as masks, sanitizers, medicines, ICU beds, ventilators. Some companies are also providing assistance to vulnerable sections of society by distributing grocery to workers and people in need in nearby communities. More than 500 French companies – ranging from MNCs to SMEs – are present in India, where they employ around 3 lakh people.

About the equipment given by France:

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Osiris 3 ventilators

Osiris transport ventilators are light and easy to use. They are highly shock-resistant in all conditions. Their 10-hour battery life allows healthcare staff to stay on the go. Robust and easy to use, Osiris is recommended by many medical teams.
Applications: Adult, Child, Emergency, Transport, Intra-hospital transfer, Recovery.
Modes: volume control/assisted volume control mechanical. Ventilation with integrated PEEP using either pure oxygen or a mixture of air and oxygen. Spontaneous non-invasive ventilation using a mask with Pressure. Support and PEEP, and a pressure-controlled safety mode.


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Yuwell 830 ventilators

Yuwell 830 ventilator is a non-invasive hospital ventilator for the mild Covid-19 patients.
It has BIPAP mode. The Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP) is a non-invasive ventilation mode. It delivers two levels or pressure.


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Standard Q COVID-19 IgM/IgG Duo test kits

This kit is a rapid immunochromatography test designed for the qualitative presumptive detection of specific IgM and IgG to 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) in humoral fluid.
This kit comes with 50,000 nose and throat swabs and transport medium.


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Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) with Morpheus Kit

Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) is an aerial refuelling tanker aircraft based on the civilian Airbus A330-200 airliner. It has unique multi-role capabilities: refuelling (it can carry up to 111 tons of fuel); transport (it can carry a maximum payload of up to 45 tons); deployment (it can support the deployment of four fighter aircraft plus 50 personnel and 12 tons of freight). With the Morphée kit (Module de Réanimation pour Patient à Haute Elongation d’Evacuation), the A330 MRTT provides beds and the necessary resuscitation and oxygen equipment for the long-haul evacuation for up to 10 intensive-care patients. The rear cabin retains 88 standard passenger seats. A crew of between six and 12—depending on flight duration—operates the aircraft and supports 12 medical staff from the Service de Santé des Armées (SSA, defence health service).

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