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Approximately 7,00,000 Indian tourists visited France annually before the Covid-19 pandemic.


Receiving 90 million foreign tourists annually, France holds place of pride as the world’s top tourist destination. From an Indian perspective, France is the top ranked destination in the Schengen space and over the last few years has seen an increase in the number of Indian visitors coming to its shores. Approximately 7,00,000 Indian tourists visited France annually before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indian visitors are spoilt for choice with an array of diverse experiences that are possible in French destinations: the allure of visiting iconic monuments in Paris coupled with the city’s unmatched cultural life, chic seaside resorts in the South of France and beyond, and alpine escapades are some of the top reasons why France remains a preferred destination of choice for Indian travellers. With 55 million skier days sold, France is also the world’s top skiing destination.

A growing number of discerning Indian visitors are keen to explore France’s resplendent wine regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy and the Loire Valley. Wine tourism is one of our most dynamic industries, with 24 million visitors a year.

France shares a strong association with shopping and is regarded as the ultimate luxury shopping destination, with globally renowned brands such as Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, Hermès or Louboutin that are of French origin. Its attractive VAT-exemption for foreign tourists in France also contributes to enhancing the country’s popularity as a shopping destination.

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Last modified on 08/09/2021

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