Entry into force of Paris Agreement

Statement of the Spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Paris, 6 October 2016

The EU and seven of its member states, including France, together deposited their instruments of ratification of the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, October 5, thereby making it possible to cross the second threshold for triggering the entry into force process (55 countries representing 55% of greenhouse gas emissions).

The Paris Agreement will therefore officially enter into force on November 4, a few days ahead of the start of COP22 in Marrakesh, less than a year after its adoption in Paris. The swiftness of this process is unprecedented. No other multilateral treaty of such importance has ever been ratified by so many countries in such a short period of time. The agreement has now been ratified by 74 states accounting jointly for 58.82% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We remain fully committed to achieving universal participation in the Paris Agreement.

It is now time to implement the agreement. Marrakesh will be the first follow-up conference to the Paris Agreement and will be devoted to climate action.

Last modified on 25/10/2016

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