Important information before submitting your application

1. Do you need a visa?

2. Schengen States are implementing biometric visas in India with effect from 2nd November 2015. All visa applicants will now be asked to come in person at any listed VFS centre of their choice to register their biometric data; children under the age of 12 years are exempted from this procedure.
Visas issued prior to the introduction of biometrics will remain valid. read more…

3. Submitting your application: VFS Global

4. All the documents should be accompanied by their translations in French or English.

5. It is mandatory to submit all the required documents. The Visa Section reserves the right to request for further documents should it be considered so necessary.

6. Visa fees.

7. The Visa Section reserves the right to request the applicant to appear in person.

8. The Visa Section reserves the right to demand that the visa holder appear in person at the Section after their return to India.

9. Minors
Minors (applicants under 18 years of age) must submit their birth certificate. They must also submit a letter of consent for obtaining a visa and travelling outside the Indian territory signed by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), should the latter not be applying for the visa at the same time. The signatures must be notarised and proof of the signatory’s identity provided. If the minor is travelling alone, the parents or legal guardians must also sign an authorisation stating that the adult accompanying the minor is authorised to do so and is responsible for them.

10. Young adults whose parents will be bearing the expenses for the visit will have to submit proof of family ties, their socio-professional status (school certificate, employment certificate) and supporting documents of parents’ income

11. An applicant whose trip expenses will be borne by the spouse must furnish a marriage certificate and supporting documents of the spouse’s income.

12. Holders of a yellow Indian Identity Certificate must obtain a return visa from the Indian authorities prior to submitting their French visa application, and furnish their birth certificate.

Last modified on 30/10/2015

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