Déploiement de 5 millions de compteurs communicants en Inde [en]

Lancement du contrat pour le déploiement de 5 millions de compteurs communicants en Inde.

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Ambassador Ziegler launches “Advanced Metering Infrastructure for 5 Million Smart Meters” in India

New Delhi, le 14 mars 2019

L’Ambassadeur de France en Inde, Alexandre Ziegler, a participé, aux côtés de Mme Marie-Line Bassette, Directrice générale d’EDF International Networks et de M. Philippe Monloubou, Président du directoire d’Enedis, à la soirée de lancement du contrat pour le déploiement de 5 millions de compteurs communicants en Inde.

Ce contrat dans les Etats indiens de l’Andhra Pradesh et du Bihar, incarne un partenariat étroit entre Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) et EDF International Networks (EDF IN).

Ce plan de coopération entre la France et l’Inde prévoit la réalisation, l’installation et l’intégration au réseau indien de 5 millions de compteurs communicants à horizon 2020.

Discours de S.E. M. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassadeur de France en Inde

Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)

Ms. Marie-Line Bassette, Director, EDF IN

Mr. Philippe Monloubou, Chairman, Enedis, and President, Think Smart Grids

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to welcome you tonight at the Residence of France, to celebrate another milestone in our clean-energy partnership between India and France !

Tonight, we are gathered to celebrate the official launch of the smart meters deployment project of EESL and EDF International Networks.

In some weeks from, now, EDF International Networks, together with EESL, will start deploying 5 million smart meters in Andhra Pradesh and in Bihar. This is a great achievement not only in terms of the large number of smart meters, but also because this project involves, for EDF, which is one of the largest utilities in France, providing essential services to communities, skilling thousands of worker and, of course, optimizing infrastructure and process. In this respect, it is the model of a smart project.

Yesterday, I was attending the inauguration of the Smart utility week, in Delhi, together with some of you. It was a good occasion to reflect on what does “smart utility” means. I am certainly not an expert nor a technician, but to me smart utility is about the following :

  • Combining new technology with existing infrastructure, working on the “reality”, on improving the world as it stands, and not inventing from scratch an ideal world.
  • Ensuring essential services to the citizens, at an affordable price, while empowering them and giving them a better control over how they use and operate these services.

This is a positive sum game : less production capacity installed, more efficient distribution, and, therefore, a better share of the value. Smart utilities are the back office of our ecological transition.

This is also what President Macron calls the “TechForGood” : a technological revolution targeted towards better social inclusion and benefit for the majority.

And this is a vision we very much share in common with India : conserving natural resources, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable low-carbon substitutes, while keeping the needs of our citizens as a priority.

Our partnership is based on this vision. One of its key elements has been, of course, the Paris Agreement, which India did not only endorse, but also took a leading part in shaping it. Its role as co-founder of the International Solar Alliance alongside France is a demonstration of its commitment.

India’s commitment has resulted in concrete implementation. The country is becoming a world leader in renewable energy with an installed capacity of 25 GW of solar and 34 GW of wind, and much higher targets by 2022.

We support this strong ambition, through our bilateral cooperation, technical expertise, financing from the AFD or the French Government. But I am proud to acknowledge tonight that French companies are also contributing to this momentum.

French companies, like the EDF group, are more and more integrating themselves into the Indian business ecosystem. This is another example of how France sees India : not as a market, but as a partner. As a place where we can, invest, manufacture, innovate and develop in the long term.

The entire French ecosystem of smart utilities is eager to join hands with India, to cooperate and innovate here. It is already under way, and I am confident that this is only the beginning.

Thank you.

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