Debate on ‘Make in India’ campaign with IFCCI on 10th December

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a round table on the "Make in India" campaign on December 10, 2014 between 10 am and 12:30 pm at Palladium Hotel (Lower Parel), with a guest star Dr. Arbind Prasad , CEO of Invest India.

Five speakers discussed on this subject that has been in the Indian news since quite a while, including:

- Hubert Aroule, Director -Septodont Healthcare India

- Mr. Dinesh Dayal, operating Directur - India Oréal

- Mr. Prakash Jonnalagadda - CEO Division Total Lubricants Oil India

- Mr. Stéphane Lauret, CEO - Saffron India

- Mr. Benoit Lecuyer, General - Hager Electro India.

The discussion was moderated by Mr. Rajeev Singh, associate at KPMG Group, partner of the event.

A networking lunch was served by the Hotel Palladium after the debate.

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