Characteristics of the Schengen “circulation” visa

Characteristics of the Schengen “circulation” visa:
- The Schengen circulation visa bears the label "CIRCULATION" on the visa sticker.
- It is valid for unlimited entries in the Schengen Area
- Its validity varies between one and five years
- It permits stays in the Schengen Area. The total duration of these stays may not exceed 90 days per 6 month-period.

Consequently, the circulation visa does not authorise its holder:
- to undertake a stay exceeding three months
- to make successive visits, the cumulated duration of which exceeds three months per six-month period.
-  the visits must be made during the validity period of the visa, which is mentioned on the sticker.

A circulation visa does not entitle its holder to submit a residence permit application in France and is limited by the validity period of the accompanying travel document (e.g. a five-year visa cannot be issued in a passport expiring in two years).

Last modified on 22/05/2015

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