Chalo Paris

“ChaloParis” is an official app for smartphones and tablets, custom-made for Indian tourists headed for France. “ChaloParis” is a first-of-a-kind concept, created exclusively for the Indian tourist.

It features numerous details about:

- monuments & tourist spots in Paris
- restaurants in Paris with a particular focus on vegetarian restaurants & some recommendations by Ms Rashmi Uday Singh, Paris-fan & acclaimed food-critic
- shopping areas in popular destinations and night-life
- a series of destinations in France with easy access from Paris: Normandy, Loire Castles, Mont Saint-Michel, Bordeaux & its vineyards…
- practical features for English-French/ French-English translation to help you out in some scenes of everyday life in France
- all practical numbers and € / rupee convertor.


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Last modified on 03/08/2016

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