Celebration of French Cuisine “Goût de France/Good France”

Celebrating French Cuisine worldwide

On 21 January 2015, Mr. Laurent Fabius, French Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development, along with world-renowned 3-Michelin-starred Chef Alain Ducasse, officially launched the “Goût de France/Good France” project. This special initiative aims to celebrate French gastronomy worldwide, with 1300 chefs serving a “French-style dinner” on March 19, 2015, on all five continents.

A committee of international chefs, led by Alain Ducasse, selected and unveiled the final list of restaurants participating in Goût de France/Good France”. They reviewed proposals submitted by restaurants all over the world, which prepared a menu representative of French gastronomy:

- During the project’s presentation, Laurent Fabius said: “France’s heritage is its cuisine, its wine. The Gastronomic meal of the French has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2010, but it is a heritage that should not simply be contemplated, glorified and savoured; it is a heritage that should be built upon and showcased.”

- In the words of Alain Ducasse: “French cuisine is the interpreter of a cuisine that has evolved towards lightness in harmony with its environment... The common point of this event is generosity, sharing and the love of what is beautiful and tastes good. It will be a delightful interlude and an opportunity to celebrate French cuisine worldwide.”
Chef Alain Ducasse
India ranks 4th in the world with 48 participating restaurants

Among the finalists, 48 restaurants are located in India. With this massive participation, India ranks 4th in the world, after Italy (96), Japan (61) and Brazil (55), just ahead of the United States (46). It highlights the importance attached to gastronomy in India, as well as in France, gastronomy being part of both countries’ identity.

- A French traditional aperitif (Champagne and gougeres -stuffed or not- or Iced cognac and foie gras)
- A cold appetizer and a hot appetizer
- A fish or shell-fish course and one meat or poultry course
- Vegetables to represent the values of healthy eating and environmental responsibility
- One or a selection of French cheeses
- One chocolate dessert
- French wines and one French liqueur
Sharing a French Tradition

In 1912, Auguste Escoffier started the “Epicurean Diners”- one day, one menu, served in cities around the world. In 2015, “Goût de France/Good France” takes the idea further, bringing all categories of restaurants together, worldwide. This event will mark the first concrete demonstration of French cuisine being listed in UNESCO’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” category, and will highlight its influence on the world. Further, each participating restaurant is committed to donating 5% of the profits to a local NGO working in the health and environment sectors.

- To see the list of restaurants participating in India, click here

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Last modified on 18/02/2015

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