“Carnet de Voyage” textbook facilitates learning French for tourism

The Department of Co-operation and Cultural Action of the Embassy of France in India has written a textbook for teaching French to Indians who are interested in the tourism industry: “Carnet de Voyage” (Travel Diary).

This textbook is intended for intermediate learners working or wishing to work as tour guides in India to serve French-speaking tourists. It is intended for the Alliances Françaises operating in India and the Indian universities and institutes wanting to create a course to teach French for tourism.
Based on the principle of global simulation, this textbook follows a group of French tourists and their guide during a 10-day visit to India, covering Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Each stage thus presents an opportunity to discover a new monument, a new aspect of India and her culture. It is also an opportunity for the learner to acquire a new language skill, to enrich the vocabulary and to understand better the French tourists and their expectations. From welcoming the tourists at the airport till their departure, and in the interval presenting a historical era of India, explaining a ritual, describing a work of art or advising on behavior, the learner is faced with all the tasks that make up his job as a tour guide.

This textbook is published in India in February 2013 by Goyal Publishers and is now available.
Authors: Juliette Marion, Baptiste Chauveau, Léo Bézies-Gros under the supervision of Chantal Prost and Dominique Frin, ex-Cooperation Attaché for French at the Embassy of France/ French Institute of India.

Last modified on 04/06/2013

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