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Ms Christine CORNET
Attaché for Books, Ideas and Knowledge

Institut Français en Inde
2, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Road
New Delhi 110011
Tel: + 91 11 30410000

- Presentation of the Book Office: The Book Office of the French Embassy / Institut Français en Inde activates all means at its disposal to promote French thought and literature in India. It plays the role of a mediator between the world of French and Indian books to reinforce exchange and deepen collaborations.

Whether you are professionals or book lovers, whether you dig the grand classics or contemporary authors, whether you read, produce, translate or sell novels, essays or comics, we are at your service to interact and exchange ideas around a common passion : books !

If you are a publisher, you will be part of our Franco-Indian seminars debating on current subjects for the profession, you will be guided in your choices amongst verbose French productions and invited to participate in major literary rendez-vous in France. You could go through our bibliofrance’s catalogues. We will accompany you in issues related to the acquisition of publishing rights of French titles in India and we will lend support towards the publication of translations of your favorite French texts – in English but also in all Indian vernacular languages- owing to our Publication Assistance Programme baptised « Tagore » !

If you are a translator of French to any Indian language we will help you in your training needs, we will recommend Indian publishers interested by translations of French texts, and we will orient you towards certain French titles that you might have the pleasure of translating in your language in the future.

If French thought interests you, then you are cordially invited to various discussions and debate forums with delightful interventions from French and Indian thinkers. If you are a fan of French literature come meet with French authors during their tours in India on the occasion of literary festivals or book launches organised in collaboration with their Indian publishers.

For those in the publishing industry, the Book Office offers you :

1. Bibliofrance
This catalogue of rights has been specially conceived for Indian professionals. This maiden issue has been brought out with the collaboration of about a score of French publishers and presents a selection of around sixty Fiction/ Non-Fiction / Children titles / Graphic Novels / Art Books

Bibliofrance” responds to the real expectation of publishing houses in India, which are often interested in writings in French without quite knowing how to access it. “Bibliofrance” has been conceived as an entry point for all Indian publishers aiming to commission translations in India, be they towards English or regional languages. This challenge of information taken up by the Book Office of New Delhi is essential for Indian publishers who require to be guided through increasingly prolific writing in French.

2. Publication Aid Programme: P.A.P. Tagore
The Programme Tagore is made for Indian publishers who want to publish, in India, French authors and French books.

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