Bonjour India 2013 : French Film Festival

The French Film Festival (FFF) will tour 7 cities offering some of the finest contemporary French films.

The FFF meets a demand by cinema-goers for productions other than those offered in mainstream cinema complexes. The festival seeks to establish an exhilarating platform for showcasing the various facets of French contemporary cinema in India, helping Indian distributors to promote French films and celebrate the growing Indo-French ties. The 6 films of the Festival are subtitled in English.

Cities : Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune

PDF - 188.9 ko
The French Film Festival in Bangalore
(PDF - 188.9 ko)

Bengaluru 15-17 février / PVR Kormanagala

Friday 15th Feb
Populaire 18h00
In the House (Dans la maison) 21h00

Saturday 16th Feb
Zarafa 15h00
Hand in Hand (Main dans la main) 18h00

Sunday 17th Feb The Dandelions (Du vent dans mes mollets) 15h00
Camille Rewinds (Camille redouble) 18h00

Hyderabad 19-21 février / Prasads Imax

Tuesday 19th Feb
Populaire 17h00
In the House (Dans la maison) 19h30

Wednesday 20th Feb
Zarafa 17h00
Hand in Hand (Main dans la main) 19h30

Thursday 21st Feb
The Dandelions (Du vent dans mes mollets) 17h00
Camille Rewinds (Camille redouble) 19h30

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