Bonjour India 2013 : Bangalore Fictions

“Installations and interactive choreographic navigations”

Bangalore Fictions

Bangalore Fictions uses digital innovation and artistic creation to give us a playful and poetic journey combining technology and dance. Invited by museums, dance and photography festivals worldwide, n+n Corsino creations have been hugely successful during international tours in Europe, China and Russia.

Bangalore Fictions is an interactive choreographic navigation structured around diferent languages : gestural, musical, textual and graphic. Based on the notion of the graphic novel, text and images are hybridized into a narrative process constructing an imaginary of body movements. This piece, created in India will be presented on iPads and in urban spaces as large sized projections.

Nicole and Norbert Corsino, choreographers first and foremost, have expanded dance’s traditional territories by moving away from the stage towards new representational spaces. Their choreographic fictions are presented in the form of films and installations, without the real presence of dancers. Each of these installations is the result of a choreographed sequence, danced live and filmed from all
angles. These non-conventional composers of choreographic fictions lead us into a lighter world, almost aquatic, where the spectator can interact with certain works and dance while caressing images in movement on a touch screen.

This original creation is the result of an Indo-French collaboration
involving the participation of : dancers Revanta Sarabhai and Pooja Purohit, writer Anjum Hasan, calligraphist Amit Kharsani, illustrator Tudu Saheb Ram and five musicians from the Darpana Center for Performing Arts.

Bangalore : 18th to 22nd March at SKE Gallery, 2 Berlie Street, Langford Town

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