Bhakta Prahlada by Surabhi in Passages Festival in Metz

Bhakta Prahlada by Sri Venkateshwara Natya Mandali Surabhi in Passages Festival in Metz (France)

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French Minister for Culture, Aurélie Filipetti, witnesses Bhakta Prahlada by Sri Venkateshwara Natya Mandali Surabhi in Passages Festival in Metz (France)

On Saturday, 11th of May, the French Minister for Culture, Mrs. Aurélie Filipetti, witnessed the play Bhakta Prahlada during the Passages International Theatre Festival in Metz, France. She was very impressed by the performance of the Surabhi theatre, composed of 44 members belonging to the same family. The Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India in France, Mr Indra Mani Pandey, was also present on the occasion.

- Le Monde, the highly reputed national daily, published an article on Surabhi on Friday, 10th of May. The article praised the great work of the group’s interpretation of their Maya Bazaar, “an impossible love story, which nevertheless has a happy end. The title completely justifies the action on stage, filled with illusions, and all sorts of illusions, in Telugu language, with unlimited special effects, in an abundance of colours, dragons, gods, apparitions. All these fantasies coexist with the wonderful naiveté of this eminently popular form of theatre. Surabhi does not forget its roots: on the stage there is a small plate with some sand, which the family carries with them everywhere, from the village of Surabhi.”

- A local newspaper (Le Républicain Lorrain) also published a piece about Surabhi theatre: “India has truly captivated the audience under the tent of the place de la République (city’s main Square)… Krishna himself brings forth his moral beliefs in the play, and certain dialogues are very relevant today, in India as well as in France: “But why are your good deeds always so bad?”

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