BSNL and Be-Bound sign partnership to bring Seamless Data Connectivity

BSNL and Be-Bound sign partnership to bring Seamless Data Connectivity in the presence of Mrs Claire Thuaudet, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of France at the Residence of France.

New Delhi, 22 January 2019

A force multiplier for Professional & Government Apps in urban & rural areas under DIGITAL INDIA initiative - BSNL and Be-Bound sign partnership to bring Seamless Data Connectivity in the presence of Mrs Claire Thuaudet, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of France, on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019 at the Residence of France.

BSNL, the Indian state-owned telecommunications company, has signed an agreement with Be-Bound, the French mobile network optimization company that has developed a technology which keeps Android apps connected even when there’s no internet or congested data connectivity; to launch Seamless Connectivity Services (SCS).

Seamless Connectivity Services will improve in-app customer experience by guaranteeing constant connectivity anywhere there is a mobile phone network, even without Internet. Professional Android apps will immediately gain increased coverage, resulting in a wider Indian audience. The new mobile service will positively impact business growth across the country, and directly benefit the Indian population. In case of congested network, especially in urban areas, it ensure better data throughput by using high end compression technology. The data of customer is secured using highly secure encryption algorithms. To enable this feature Android App providers must integrate with Be-Bound powered SDK into their existing apps.

With the integration of this technology, companies will be able to develop Android apps that work reliably anywhere from remote areas with no Internet connection, to the urban areas with saturated and congested data connectivity.

Benefiting from BSNL’s large network and mobile coverage,, the partnership foretells the creation of apps ranging from mobile payments, transports and logistics, KYC, and energy, for improved connected services in rural as well as urban areas. Populations across the country will benefit from the better connectivity enabled by these advanced technologies.

Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD of BSNL said “This partnership with Be-Bound is one step towards bridging the digital gap. BSNL’s mobile network has the widest coverage in India and with the launch of Seamless Connectivity Services using Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity, we want to ensure that mobile apps are available to everyone, everywhere. This is an opportunity for inclusive growth and better business through frugal innovation“.

Speaking at the launch Mr. Yazid Chir, CEO and co-founder of Be-Bound added “as one of the leading mobile networks in India and a government agency –BSNL represents a key actor to bring better connectivity to all. We are honoured to launch the SCS powered by Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity, today. Ekaga Futuristics, our strategic partner for business in India has been invaluable in helping Be-Bound understand the local country context in order to succeed in deals like this one, and shall continue to support in the customer acquisitions going forward.”

Address by Mrs Claire Thuaudet, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of France

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your presence here this evening. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Residence de France for the signing ceremony between Be-bound and BSNL. This evening, we will all be witnesses to the signing of an agreement that will increase access to digital services in India.

The cooperation with India in the digital field is a clear priority for the French authorities. Our Ambassador for Digital Affairs was in Bangalore and Delhi a few weeks ago to strengthen our bilateral partnership in this field.

This alliance is significant for us, because it will increase the ability of people in India to access everyday services and rights, thus improving their quality of life. This is also a good example of how French technology can contribute to a thriving digital economy in India.

  • 1. Much has been said about India’s emergence as a digital giant, backed by an innovative ecosystem with a creative and well-trained talent pool, and, of course, driven by the increasing penetration and usage of the Internet. In the future, it is expected that many of the innovations that will shape tomorrow’s world will be created here, especially in the artificial intelligence, fintech, e-commerce, e-governance, entertainment and IoT. French companies are definitely part of India’s digital journey, employing more than 150,000 (one lakh fifty thousand) people, particularly in R&D centres set up by Capgemini, Atos, Sopra-Steria and Dassault-Systemes, which are world leaders in the digital sector. The presence of well-known incubators such as Airbus BizLab, Numa and Catalyst of Société générale, or digital entertainment companies, such as Ubisoft or Technicolor, shows our continued belief in India’s digital growth. In fact, a recent partnership agreement between French major, Atos, and India’s Center for Development of Advanced Computing, signed in the presence of Mr Jean-Yves Le-Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, last December, has changed the nature of our digital partnership from an economic to a far more strategic alliance. This agreement allows us to work together and develop high-performance computers that are now considered crucial and strategic infrastructure.

These are just a few examples. France is therefore eager to continue to be a part of the Indian digital ecosystem by developing technology here in India and by drawing on our joint talent pool.

We are also ready to create deeper partnerships between innovators from both our countries through programs like the French Tech Ticket and the French Tech Tour, and it is quite possible that a French Tech Community based out of Bangalore will soon join our international network of start-ups and entrepreneurs. This will indeed put a spotlight on the Indian innovation ecosystem.

  • 2. Beyond the technical and the economic development of the digital sector, governments and civil societies have to cope with the tremendous challenges they raise. These challenges are about the protection of privacy, the guarantee of public liberties, fair taxation, the regulation of systemic actors and the protection of the new forms of labour created by the digital economy. There is no need to recall that India counts more than 200M users of Whatsapp and Facebook, and faces, as we do, many challenges, which can only be solved through multilateral cooperation :
    • a. France promotes an open cyberspace, ruled by international law, as illustrated by the recent ‘Paris call for security and stability in the cyberspace’ and several Indian organisations have endorsed this initiative, including the Data Security Council of India
    • b. France also supports a vision of digital resource that must benefit everyone. It regards the development of the digital economy as an opportunity to fulfil the aspirations of people while reducing impact on environment and guaranteeing civil and personal rights. This #TechForGood vision has clear democratic fundamentals that we share with India.
    • c. In 2019 France will chair the G7, which will focus on the fight against inequality. Digital technology can be a great tool to reduce inequality, and we wish India to be a part of this discussion. I would like to underline that the agreement that will be signed today with our Indian partner BSNL, will contribute to a reduction in the digital divide, and this is in line with our focus on reducing inequality.

Dear Mr. Anupam Shrivastava, Chairman of BSNL,
Dear Mr. D K Agrawal, Managing director BSNL,
Dear Mr Yazid Chir, President and Co-Founder of Be-Bound,

I am delighted to attend this evening’s ceremony, during which you will ink your alliance in a domain which will change the everyday life of millions of people. In particular, your work will bring the digital revolution to rural parts of India, where agriculture, health, education and governance require connectivity to be effective. This is a priority of the Government of India, and by reducing the digital divide between rural and urban India, it is certainly a factor of social development and also a critical asset for economic growth.

I wish this Indo-French partnership great success and I am sure that it will contribute immensely to fostering our bilateral relations.

About BSNL

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (abbreviated BSNL) is a leader in telecommunications in India. It is the largest broadband services provider, representing the fifth largest mobile telephony provider in India with the widest coverage of mobile network.

BSNL is the only service provider making focused efforts & planned initiatives to bridge the rural-urban digital divide in the ICT sector.

For more information about BSNL, visit :

About Be-Bound

Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity, a unique and frugal innovation, increases business efficiency and reach worldwide. By optimizing data connectivity for professional mobile apps & IoT, this patented technology enables mobile services to reach 95% of the world’s population, through existing mobile networks, without any additional infrastructure cost.

In emerging countries, Be-Bound multiplies addressable markets up to 3 times. In developed countries, Be-Bound solves critical connectivity issues. This technology is made for corporations, governments and developers, to increase their reach and revenues, while serving the unconnected, immediately, bridging the digital divide.

For more information about Be-Bound, visit:

About Ekaga

Ekaga Futuristics Private Limited has been setup to address the gap which withholds the latest global innovators to enter into the Southeast Asia market. To achieve this, they are creating an ecosystem of innovative companies and their solutions for service providers, authorities and enterprises.

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