Ambassador Richier’s best wishes for 2014

Dear friends from India and France,
I wish you all an excellent and happy new year 2014

This year the relations between our two countries reached new heights with President Hollande’s State Visit - his first bilateral visit to an Asian country. Together, we celebrated Indo-French cultural creativity with the Bonjour India Festival that spread across fifteen cities throughout India. Together, we launched a technological partnership during the Technology Summit which took place in Delhi last October. And together, we hailed the collaborative space launches carried out by our two countries.

Our partnership is also based on significant cross-investments: each day French and Indian companies build strong and long-lasting ties. With nearly 19 billion dollars of investment stock in India, French companies are among the biggest foreign investors in this country. Our partnership is further shaped by those French and Indian students who, increasingly, choose to study in the other country and create enduring ties with its people, language and culture.

When the strategic partnership between India and France was signed in 1998 by President Chirac and Prime Minister I.K. Gujral, and then launched with Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee, few anticipated such a swift development of our relations in all areas. We will pursue and strengthen these ties which bolster the autonomy of our two countries, thanks to the major projects ahead, particularly the expected finalization of the Rafale combat aircraft project with its unprecedented transfer of state of the art technology.

We would like to offer our Indian friends our very best wishes for 2014, an important election year for India. They may be assured of our steadfast friendship.

Last modified on 08/04/2015

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