31.08.2009 - IAEA Report on the Iranian Nuclear programme : Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign and European affairs

We pay tribute to the work of the IAEA and hope all its assessments can be useful to the international community.

France is very concerned about the information contained in the IAEA Director General’s report on Iran’s nuclear programme.

The report again highlights that Iran is continuing to stockpile low-enriched uranium and install a large number of centrifuges, in violation of the Security Council resolutions.

The report also condemns the Iranian authorities’ continued failure to answer the IAEA’s numerous questions, detailed at length in the report, concerning possible activities linked to the design and manufacture of nuclear weapons.

The IAEA deems the information it has on this issue consistent and sufficiently complete and detailed to warrant Iran responding to the resulting doubts about the peaceful nature of her nuclear programme.

Lastly, the report notes that Iran is restricting the IAEA’s verification capacity by not implementing the Additional Protocol or complying with her obligations to declare projects for nuclear installations.

We have intensified our offers of dialogue and negotiation with Iran. The United States has made a major gesture of openness towards Iran by proposing to establish direct contact. We are again calling on Iran to recognize the significance of these gestures and agree to negotiate seriously on the nuclear issue.

Otherwise, in accordance with the two-pronged approach combining dialogue and firmness promoted by the Six, we will have no other choice but to seek a very substantial strengthening of sanctions.

We hope that Iran will quickly choose cooperation and not isolation.

Last modified on 04/11/2009

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