29.01 – 03.02.2010 – International conference « Towards a non-violent economy » in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Gandhi International, with its Indian partner, Ekta Parishad, had organised a symbolic international conference “Towards a non-violent economy” in order to commemorate the day of the assassination of Gandhiji and at the same time to immortalise his ideology.

Gandhi International is a French N.G.O. which brings together motivated individuals and various non-violent organisations working for social change in the cause of justice and peace. Its aim is to promote renewed interest in Gandhian thought and action throughout Europe and other continents, by organising cultural events, conferences and symbolic acts.

Louis Campana, president and founder of Gandhi International, was awarded the 2008 Bajaj Foundation prize (Mumbai, India) for promoting Gandhian values outside India.

The Consul General of France in Bombay participated in the opening of this conference thus reaffirming that sustainable development forms the core of the French diplomacy and the Indo-French bilateral relations.

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Mr. François Pujolas at the international conference "Towards a non-violent economy" organised by Gandhi International and Ekta Parishad in Bhopal
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Mr. Pujolas with Mr. Yves Berthelot, president of CFSI (Comité français pour la solidarité internationale) and Mr. Rajgopal, leader of Ekta Parishad
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Gandhi International
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Ekta Parishad

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