A Saint Tropez delegation on a mission to Mumbai [fr]

As a part of the ‘Year of India in Saint Tropez’, a delegation composed of the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Henri Prévost-Allard and Mr. Claude Maniscalco came on a mission to Mumbai on 21st and 22nd November 2012.

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l’Année de l’Inde à Saint Tropez

In this context, various events were organised: a press meeting, a meeting with the Presidents of travel agencies and tour operators as well as a prestigious dinner. The delegation then went to Pondicherry to attend a book festival. Mr. Prévost-Allard shared the exceptional journey of his grandfather General Allard ‘from St Tropez to Lahore’; who served the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh, King of Lahore, from 1822 to 1839. General Allard married the daughter of the ‘Rajah of Chamba’ who bore him seven children. He brought his wife and children to Saint Tropez in 1835 and returned to Lahore to formalize the ties of friendship and cooperation. Unfortunately Allard died prematurely in Peshawar in January 1839. His wife converted to Catholicism to find her husband in the afterlife ... A very romantic story that could one day become a Bollywood film.

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