20.02.2009 - UNSC Reform: France favours India’s permanent membership

Intergovernmental negotiations on the reform of the Security Council began yesterday, as per our wish and the calendar fixed by the General Assembly in its decision of 15th September last.

This is an important step : what is key is the start of real negotiations without any delay, not discussions only, something we have had enough of within the framework of the General Assembly.

As the President of the Republic stated in his greeting to the diplomatic corps on 16 January 2009, the reform of the Security Council is an imperative in the context of the reform of international institutions.

It is in our interest to work for the reform of the UN Security Council to improve its efficiency and legitimacy in crisis resolution. The Security Council should represent today’s world better, while remaining capable of taking measures necessary to deal with security issues arising in the twenty-first century.

The reform of the Security Council includes an increase in the number of permanent and non-permanent seats. We support the assumption of permanent membership for Germany, Brazil, India and Japan as well as a more equitable representation of Africa and the Arab countries in the Security Council. For a more concrete reform of the Security Council, we support the option of an interim reform, as reiterated by the President of the Republic on 16 January. This should allow us to move forward in testing the parameters of a reform of the Security Council.

In order to achieve effective reform, political commitment at the highest level is necessary from Member States, to guarantee the support and stimulus necessary for intergovernmental negotiations.

Last modified on 05/11/2009

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