18-23.02.2011 – First visit to Bombay of the delegation representing the Guimet Museum

The delegation representing the Guimet Museum which is known for their Asian art, was in Bombay to make known the Museum and its future plans along with the announcement of their upcoming exhibition “A Royal Court in India – Lucknow (18th – 19th century)” that will take place from 6th April till 11th July 2011. The Museum is also contemplating to associate the exhibition of contemporary art – “The essence of India/ Le corps de l’’Inde” comprising of the works of Mr. Ravinder Reddy to this exhibition.

In this context, the delegation met some important French and Indian corporate houses and curators of established museums and galleries of Bombay to create potential partnerships.

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©Foto Rainer Wolfberger, courtesy Museum Rietberg, Zürich.

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