15.04.2009 - North Korea: France welcomes the unanimous adoption of the UNSC presidential statement

France welcomes the unanimous adoption on 13 April of the United Nations Security Council presidential statement, which condemns the rocket launch carried out by North Korea on 5 April, in violation of UNSCR 1718.

This statement establishes a very precise time frame for the activation of the Sanctions Committee, created by UNSCR 1718, and asks for a list to be drawn up as soon as possible of entities and additional goods which will be subject to sanctions. It also calls on North Korea to suspend all activities related to her ballistic program, in accordance with UNSCR 1718.

France, along with the whole international community, calls on North Korea to comply with its obligations and commitments, and actively work to ease tensions in the region by swiftly resuming the Six-Party talks with a view to the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Q - There was talk of a compromise on this text, because the Chinese were much less enthusiastic at the idea of a text passed by the Security Council. Can you talk about this compromise and tell us what sanctions, what measures might be taken against North Korea if it doesn’t abide by its obligations?

With respect to your first question, let me point out that the Security Council issued a presidential statement-a text that has considerable political and legal weight-which was adopted unanimously.

The adoption of this text enabled us to overcome the differing assessments made by different Security Council members. That is very positive and it shows that the international community is unanimous in condemning the firing of this rocket and in its demand to the North Korean authorities to respect their international commitments and SCR 1718.

As for your second question on sanctions, the aim is to draw up a list of entities and assets linked to the nuclear and ballistic sector that have compromised themselves through their violations of SCR 1718 and have facilitated the North Korean proliferation program. We will work within the sanctions committee to draw up a list of entities and assets linked to this sector.

Last modified on 05/11/2009

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