14 juillet 2020

Solidarity in Action – Show your support and help local NGOs.

Main Tendue

Main Tendue is a charity trust supporting 10 Indian NGOs caring for children, women and persons with disabilities in Delhi. Your support can make a difference!

More information on: http://www.maintenduedelhi.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/maintenduedelhi
To make a donation: contact.maintendue@gmail.com


TARA, an Indo-French project, works for primary two goals:. child protection and their empowerment. Working in New Delhi for the past 11 years, TARA’s mission is to protect children from vulnerability and abuse while providing them with a quality life environment. This becomes assured with the quality education that is provided to them at standard secondary schools.

To provide individual care to each child, TARA has three homes; TARA Girls, TARA Boys and TARA Tots. Children at TARA are then placed at each home, based on their age and gender for special protection and security. To make them self-reliant in the long run, TARA Big Birds comes into picture. It is an especially curated programme for young adults who are now ready to enter the world.

To prevent children from ending up in institutional care, TARA has an Outreach Centre in a vulnerable community of South Delhi. Since the beginning of the lockdown, TARA has distributed food and hygiene products to the underprivileged community of Saidulajab, providing 14 000 meals per month (2 meals a day for 50 families).

To learn more: https://www.taraindia.org/en

To contribute:
In kind: https://www.donatekart.com/ONYVA/ONVYA-Children-Education
From India: https://www.taraindia.org/en/sponsor-a-child/form?id=null&parrainage=
From France: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/chaya-france/formulaires/2/widget

Don Bosco Ashalayam

Don Bosco Ashalayam is an organization that supports marginalised youth in Kolkata, by providing them with education and professional training so that they gain social integration through employment.

In partnership with Decathlon Foundation, the French sports equipment supplier, and Mr Christophe Plais, a French resident of the city organizing their skill development, these youth are customizing diving masks, with 3D printed parts, to turn them into breathing masks, which are then distributed in the city’s hospitals.

More information on: http://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3426828960701036&id=1367565786627374&scmts=scwspsdd&extid=CPWE3ervUzW9na2d
To contribute: www.dbashalayam.org


LP4Y, as the Youth Inclusion wing of Tomorrow’s Foundation in India, is an international movement specializing in the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social integration of young people living in extreme poverty. Its three main missions are to assist these young persons through an innovative pedagogy (mainly in Asia), to advocate and encourage all the initiatives for youth inclusion. Through its actions and the initiatives it has developed, it contributes to 11 Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2017, a Life Project Center has been active in Mumbai, training 34 persons every 9 months, mostly women, from the slum of Malwani - a northern district with a population of 500, 000.

To learn more: https://www.lp4y.org/life-project-centers-inde
To contribute: https://en.lp4y.org/faire-un-don-inde

Ratnanidhi Charitable Fund

Over 40 kitchen staff and 35 volunteers relentlessly working day in day out, braving the risks of the novel coronavirus are still cooking and distributing around 10000 thousand-plus plates of free khichdi daily even now in Mumbai.

They are currently covering fourteen lower-income-group slums throughout Mumbai with over 10,000 beneficiaries.

More information on: https://ratnanidhi.org/
To contribute: https://ratnanidhi.org/donation-in-kind/Donate-Garments-to-less-privileged-people?gclid=Cj0KCQjwupD4BRD4ARIsABJMmZ9Bv0V9DxBUURNv0HtrBK8maF_f1F_LD2iOJct_FN0cIhtX4oZsxSIaAlKsEALw_wcB

The Annai Velanganni Orphanage

The Annai Velanganni Orphanage was established in Puducherry in 1981 by Andrea Gispert to care for abandoned and orphaned children and to impart education, in a family atmosphere, aimed at making the child autonomous.

Emphasis is laid on educating children as well as teaching them French. The children are placed in the best schools, including the Lycée Français International de Pondichéry. Activities are organized to develop the children’s creativity. Preference is given to sheltering young girls.

The Annai Velanganni Orphanage is financed through donations and sponsorships. Supporting one another in times of crisis – like the one the whole world is currently going through – is one of the ways to help others as our sponsors do.

More information on: https://www.dev.aavo.fr

Manamadurai Rural Development Trust (MRDT)

Manamadurai Rural Development Trust (MRDT) was founded by Father Ceyrac more than 30 years ago. The activities focus on farming in Manamadurai and treating children with severe disabilities through a physiotherapy centre and a project for family support to Irula tribals of the region.

More information on: www.ceyrac.com and denis@birdyexports.com

Marica Higher Educational Society

Marica Higher Educational Society, founded in 1990 in Hyderabad, aims to impart formal education at school to all children, irrespective of caste, social status or physical disabilities. At present, Marica manages two schools.

More information on: http://maricaschools.org or http://maricasch.fr
and mcderochemonteix@gmail.com

Objectif France Inde (OFI)

Objectif France Inde (OFI) is a French organisation that ensures coordination, follow-up and financing of development projects led by local groups in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

More information: http://www.ofi-asso.org/
To contribute: contact@ofi-asso.org ou contact.ofi.asso@gmail.com


Pawmencap is a school for mentally disabled people suffering from autism, trisomy and other disabliities in Hyderabad. The school has several programmes aimed at persons aged 6 years and up to adults.

More information on: www.pawmencap.co.in
To contribute: alinedelivonniere@gmail.com

Sunshine for a School

Since 2013, Sunshine for a School has been providing sanitary and academic materials for schools and training institutions that host children and women from vulnerable families and backgrounds in Bengaluru.

More information on: https://www.sunshineforaschool.com
To contribute: sunshineforaschool@gmail.com

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