04.01.2012 - Newsletter of the Consulate General of France in Bombay "L’Echo de Mumbai"

"L’ECHO DE MUMBAI" - January 2012


Dear compatriots,
Dear Indian friends,

On the occasion of this New Year issue, I would first like to wish all of you, on my behalf as well as on the behalf of all members of the French community in Mumbai, our most sincere wishes of happiness, health and success for the New Year.

This year 2012 promises to be eventful. For India & for France, it is going to be an election year, at the local level in the first case, at the national level in the second.

In India, these elections will be interesting to follow for our constituency as they involve, first, elections to the municipal corporations of "major" cities in which the French communities live in western India - Mumbai and Pune mainly - that will take place in February followed by general Assembly elections in the state of Goa on 3rd March.

In France, because in addition to the presidential elections (22nd April and 6th May), the French staying outside of France will be able to vote for the first time on 3rd and 17th June to elect 11 MPs in total who will represent them in the National Assembly.

For both elections, a poll station will be opened in Mumbai.

On 26th December, 2011, just as I am writing these lines, your strength was 835 on the register of the French established outside of France (against 382 on the same date last year), and 525 registered on the consular voter list.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has designed a site for you : www.monconsulat.fr, where you can view (and possibly modify) your personal details, your electoral status (list closed on 31st Dec.), and your security data as well as contact details of your district chief. This site also allows you to print your certificate of consular registration (useful for customs and tax !), which, I remind you, is highly recommended (think of a crisis - situation !). At the end of the registration process which does not necessarily require you to travel - you can do it by email, you will be issued a personal code (NUMIC) that you will complete with a secret code known only to you, which allows you to enter this site just as if you go to a counter at your Consulate which plays somewhat the role of a city council or a prefecture abroad !

Best wishes !

Jean-Raphaël Peytregnet
Consul General of France in Bombay

December events


Bombay - 30th November to 1st December 2011

Visit of a delegation representing the Museum of Louvre

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A delegation representing the Louvre Museum composed of Mr. Henri Loyrette, President of the Louvre, Hervé Barbaret, Deputy Director, Ms. Juliette Armand, Director of cultural production, and Mr. Benoît de Saint Chamas, Adviser to the President, visited Bombay and New Delhi in order to explore opportunities for collaboration with the National Museums of the two largest cities in India.

You can read the press articles that reported this visit by clicking in the links below :

- The Hindustan Times - http://www.hindustantimes.com/Lifestyle/ArtAndCulture/Louvre-Museum-to-showcase-Indian-art/Article1-777031.aspx

- The Times of India - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-12-04/edit-page/30474442_1_henri-loyrette-contemporary-indian-artists-musee-guimet


Pune - 8th to 15th December 2011

"Architecture Rendez-Vous : Indo-French Perspectives" Festival at Alliance Française de Pune

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The "Architecture Rendez-Vous : Indo-French Perspectives" Festival was held in Pune from 8th to 15th December 2011 at the Alliance française de Pune, the Centre for Development Studies & Activities, and at the Film & Television Institute of India. The event theme was sustainable development in the process of slum rehabilitation.

Many architects were present at the opening ceremony of the festival, including the French architect Dominique Desmet, who was there throughout the event.

“Architecture Rendez-Vous” aims to promote a dialogue between the French and Indian architecture in a contemporary context, in line with the relations established by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in India. The exchange and sharing of ideas have been constant factors in the history of French culture and architecture. France is home of some pioneering architects and hosts some of the finest architectural creations. French architects are known worldwide for their skills and expertise in urban development. From September to December 2011, the "Architecture Rendez-Vous : Indo-French Perspectives" Festival took place in six different cities in India (New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore). Panel discussions, debates and conferences have allowed the public to discuss the theme of architecture as a means of sustainable development in the rehabilitation of slums.

The closing night of the festival was held on December 15th in the presence of Mr. Jean-Raphaël Peytregnet, Consul General of France in Bombay, Jean-Yves Chapuis, urban planner and member of the Urban Agglomeration of Rennes and Mr. Yves Dauge, Deputy Mayor of Chinon.


From 10th to 16th December 2011

Study visit of the new towns and satellite cities in India

A study visit organized by the Embassy of France in India for the representatives of French local authorities enabled them to travel to several Indian cities to observe the satellite towns and new towns.

The delegation was composed, according to the itinerary, of representatives of the city of Rennes, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Chinon, the local authority of Corsica, as well as partner institutions representing our decentralized cooperation in India such as National Association of Cities and Countries of Art and History, the Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation, United Cities and UNESCO.

These visits were intended to familiarize the French authorities with the urban Indian reality, to meet with the Indian counterparts and strengthen links between the different players of the French network in India and French authorities.

In our constituency, Pune figured on the itinerary as well as the new city of Lavasa. The delegation was able to meet the Municipal Commissioner of the city and also participated in an event organized by the Alliance française de Pune in the presence of Consul General of France in Bombay, Jean-Raphaël Peytregnet : the end of the week dedicated to architecture - "Architecture Rendez-Vous".

A delegation representing the city of Bordeaux spent a day in Bombay, where it met the officials of the Maharashtra Tourism and Development Corporation (MTDC), and visited Dharavi.

On the other hand, the delegation from Rennes accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of Chinon, Yves Dauge, former senator, went to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, and to Maheshwar to explore, along with the authorities of both cities, opportunities to be involved in their management and the restoration of their ancient monuments.


Bombay - 19th December

10th President’s Fleet Review in the presence of President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil

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Mr. François Richier, Ambassador of France in India, and Mr. Jean-Raphaël Peytregnet, Consul General of France in Bombay, attended the Presidential Fleet Review 2011 in the presence of Mrs. Pratibha Patil, President of India. The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces reviewed 81 vessels belonging to the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. She was greeted by a guard of 150 soldiers and with 21 gunshots, as it should be for a person of her rank. Also present at the ceremony was the Minister of Defense Arackaparambil Kurian Antony and Admiral Nirmal Verma of the Navy. The President stressed the importance of security of sea borders for economic and social growth of India. This ceremony occurs once every 5 years.


2012 news in the scientific field

2012 is the year that the Indo-French scientific collaboration will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Indo - French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA). This centre that is funded equally by France and India is independent and financially autonomous and has built a relationship of trust with our Indian partners. In 25 years, more than 1,000 projects were submitted to CEFIPRA and 400 projects were funded with an overall budget of 3.1 million euros.

CEFIPRA can financially support the Indo-French research (research project that may involve an industrial partner, for a period of 3 years that is renewable, funded above € 150,000 approximately). Many scientific seminars in both France and India are also funded by CEFIPRA.

The submission of projects is done throughout the year. You can read more at www.cefipra.org.

Seminar IISER at Pune

Professor Michel Morange of the “Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris”, author of La vie Expliquée ? will be at the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) in Pune from 16 th to 19th January. He is conducting a seminar on the History of Science and philosophy, focusing on the history of science in France. He will also host a conference entitled "Life Explained ?"on January 20th at 14:30 at Ruia College in Bombay.

Moreover, the Alliance Française de Bombay has included in its latest issue of Impressions, a record of the Indo-French science, you can visit the site of Alliance here :


In Brief

The Alliance Française de Bombay events of December

4 major events dominated the Alliance française de Bombay scene this month.

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On December 1st, the French musical band KWAK gave a concert at the Blue Frog in Mumbai. The band’s visit was also an opportunity to hold two workshops with the children of the ACORN association followed by a recording of a song combining percussion and vocals. KWAK then went to Bhopal to hold another concert.

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From December 7th to 10th, Flashpoint Human Rights Film Festival – Part 2 enabled the public to discover twenty films on the theme of human rights. Mr. Jean-Raphaël Peytregnet, Consul General of France in Bombay, was present at the opening ceremony of the festival, along with many personalities of Indian cinema. The event got good media coverage and the public demonstrated a strong involvement in the debates raised by this subject.

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On December 14th the Saiyuki Trio gave a concert that delighted the audience of the Blue Frog.

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Finally, on December 18th, at the Mood Indigo Festival held at IIT Bombay, Slow Joe and the Ginger Accident band brought together almost 600 people to complete their tour of India after their stints in Ahmedabad on December 3rd and in Goa on December 16th.

Forthcoming events of January 2012

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Bombay, 12th January 2012
Launch of "Art Thursdays" at 19:30 by the Alliance française de Bombay in partnership with the Sakshi Gallery, Tanna House and the Embassy of France in India. Every two weeks from January to May, the cycle "Resolutely animated" will enable the public to discover one original animated film. Eletvonal of Tomek Ducki (2006, 5’28) will be the first film of the cycle devoted to animation.

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Bombay, 13th January 2012
Concert by ZYSKAKAN group organized by the Alliance française de Bombay at 22:00 at the Blue Frog. This group from the Réunion was founded in 1979 and was a worldwide success. Its style is an original blend of Madagascan and Indian music, African percussion and lyrics in Creole.

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Bhopal, 14th January 2012
Exhibition "Silky Mountains - The Mystique of Nagaland" by Manjusha Ganguly in the Alliance française de Bhopal gallery. This exhibition aims to convey the feelings that have captivated the artist during a recent trip to the mountains of Nagaland. Her work emphasizes the interplay of transparency of the mountains. It reveals an incarnation of the mountains as thoughtful and gentle beings, as opposed to the giant and fearsome character that they evoke in general. A series of paintings of scenic vistas of mountain ranges will also be exposed. It is this mystical beauty of Nagaland that inspired this idea of "silky mountains." The exhibition runs until January 21, 2012 from 10am to 19pm.

Bombay, 20th January 2012
Conference on "Science in the City" at 14:30 at Ramnarain Ruia College. This conference is organized by the Alliance française de Bombay in partnership with the French Department of Ramnarain Ruia College and the Embassy of France in India.

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