French Language Corner

  • French Language Section

    French Language Section – Secteur langue française
    French Language Section
    Its objectives are: - Development of French - Educational cooperation - Promotion of French higher education in India _ _ The acronym (...)

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  • Learn French in France

    Learn French in France
    Directory of educational centers providing French as a foreign language course This exhaustive guide-> is published by the French Department for (...)

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  • Learn French in India

    In India, French courses are available in:
    _ French is being taught mainly at grade IX and X but a few schools start at grade VIII, grade VII or even grade VI with some sort of French courses. At grade XI (...)

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  • Translators’ Desk

    Translators’ Desk
    -* Termisti
    -* Foreignword
    -* La boîte à outils du Bureau de la traduction du Gouvernement canadien
    -* Association internationale des interprètes de conférences
    -* Amercian Translators (...)

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  • Let’s play in French

    Let’s play in French
    Jeux linguistiques For Anagrams, riddles, antonyms, jeu du pendu, incomplete sentences, multiple choice questions, click here
    Testez vos connaissances For texts with errors to be (...)

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  • Learn French through web and media

    Learn French through web and media
    For learning French in India, one is no longer restricted to the classroom. Although the guidance of a professional teacher is still the best way to progress towards language (...)

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